Life Updates Of A Random Skid!

2016-02-10 04:35:32 by IGameToday

-Check here every so often for "Life updates"!-


Warning grammar may vary from bad, to horrible. Like really I go zero to one hundred real quick.

"If a life update hasn't been posted in over a month, wait a few more days.

If a life update hasn't been posted in over a year, send help."



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Life update 6/8/2016: I just uploaded a new video, after a long period of being gone. Just in case you were wondering I wasn't gone all that time just to animate that small video, I was actually gone for some personal reasons, but I did have some free time while gone and I was productive with it and thought myself how to use Photoshop & Vegas Pro.



Life update 6/9/2016: I might upload today, or maybe sometime tommorow, and don't worry the video is done  actually its on my youtube, but I just want to wait a bit before I upload on newgrounds so give it some time. Anyways on to my life I made my first sentance mix on sony vegas today and it sounds, pretty decent I might put it out on youtube & newgrounds someday....  


Life update 6/10/2016: So I'm writeing a script for a sprite movie I'm gonna make someday and uh I guess it wouldn't be bad if I said the name, I mean yea why not the name is "Yoshi's ****ed up weekend." the name is still a work in progress it actually started off as "Yoshi's day off." but I changed it anyways I might put out like a pilot or demo of it some time soon but first I gotta get the script finished and then I gotta do the sprites witch will take a long time since I'm planing to make the pilot like five minutes long atleast. Oh and umm if anyone out there has some good Yoshi sprites (of any color) send them to me because I can't find any good ones.



Life update 6/25/2016: It has been SUUUUUPER long since my last update or even video I know but I am still working on some stuff and I've also been trying to hone my skills in photoshop a bit more so that my sprite animtion looks top noch some where at like smbz good.  So just give me some time and I'll be back with some better content. (Oh and don't worry this is not like a brake or anything I'll still upload but just short videos like I've been doing.)

Good vibes, from Sonic D!

2016-02-09 18:08:58 by IGameToday


Well I just put out Sonic D last night, and it already seems its getting mostly positive reviews so I'll keep working on the series and continue to make more episodes.


Oh, and to the people that watched and reviewed SonicD thank you for taking the time out to do so I appreciate it.